About Me: Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise DeLuca

I am an ambitious young woman.



I am proudly creating a name for myself .

I’ve created my own website, blog, mastered social media marketing tactics, designed my own brand, pursued experts and researched what I wanted to understand.

After graduation, I have relentlessly sought to discover what I’m most passionate about.

I had a vision.

 I decided to invest my savings into the Adobe software and planned a curriculum for myself. I wanted to learn the skills that I left Syracuse without.

“Creativity thrives on small doable actions.”

A new media business class inspired me to pursue the convergence between media, technology and maketing.

I am social.

A leader, an artist, an entrepreneur and a student.
I love media. Television. Stories.

.•  •  •

“Choose your path and make it clear. Make it yours, don’t live in fear. Be yourself and don’t give in. Step outside of your comfort zone with confidence. Use your gift and let your life begin. I am no longer afraid to put myself out there and do what I do. As best as I can.”

.•  •  •

Interactive Programming.

Social TV



I’m a millennial striving to revolutionize broadcast and cable TV with interactive programming.

I’m seeking to advance the synchronization of the second screen and create screen harmony amongst fragmented devices. I aim to enhance marketing initiatives for in-home TV programming and OOH campaigns. I write and consult about extending reach to mobile devices and unifying brand narratives within the consumer’s lifestyle.

Today’s convergence of media, technology and marketing is reinventing the TV viewing experience. Creatively extending media engagement to viewers, in a personalized context, will cause brand narratives to resonate meaningfully.

The public yearns to feel refreshed with interactive content that promotes discovery, encourages emotional connections and satisfies curiosity. I believe that increasing consumer initiative and social incentive will deepen engagement.

Let’s Connect!

Quotes written by: Julia Cameron, John Giannicchi and Chris Gulotta

2 Responses to About Me: Sarah Louise

  1. You’ll likely want to meet friend and colleague Diana Hawkins (Manuelian). dh@dianahawkins.com See my Linkedin site to connect ( Luke M Vaughan MD) . Di has a doctorate from Harvard (Education) , and has been hugely successful in interactive TV apps, including her startup, Dotcast….

    Tell her “Uncle Luke” sent you. Best, Luke lmv@san.rr.com 858 792 7720 858 663 3078 cell
    Del Mar, CA

  2. Katherine says:

    You are so talented!

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