• Launching own Professional website – Visit my website blog

• Establishing & Managing own Brand via Social Media Channels

• Writing blogs on Social TV & Interactive Programming. Thought Leadership

• Designed own print campaign and web campaign for professional brand


• Illustrated own logo for professional brand


• Wrote comedy script (30 mins) for The Larry Sander’s Show called “Little Lady”

• Wrote dramatic pilot  “Fallen for Arden” (1 hour) for my own proposed series called The Merge


• Created Music Video (~2 mins) with partner for a production class

• Created Commercial Series Proposal (30 second spots) with a partner for a production class

• Produced Kappa Kappa Gamma Recruitment Video (8 mins) for Syracuse Greek Life Recruitment Process


• Edited a Music Video Power Hour, an entertaining montage for social occasions using Final Cut Pro


• Produced Anniversary Tribute (8 mins), a nostalgic montage of memories

• Compiled Halloween Video (8 mins), a playful celebration of college humor


• Created Fairfield County Video (10 min), exposing the county’s unique materialistic lifestyle

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