This section will display sources to learn more about the topics discussed in my blog as well as quick definitions to popular terminology used in my writing. This will hopefully provide readers with useful references for better conceptual comprehension.

Second Screen

Synchronized Devices

Companion Content


Social TV

Internet TV

Connected TV

IPTV: video content to subscribers through multicast technology allowing multiple IP addresses to be sent & received simultaneously

VOD- Video on Demand

Interactive technology

Real-time linear TV

CDP- Content Delivery Platform

CMS- Content Management System

CDS- Content Delivery System

OOH- Out of Home

Advertising Business Models: CPM, eCPM, CPC, CPA

PPC- Pay per click

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

WCO- Website Conversion Optimization

DBA: Digital Behavior Analysis

BT: Behavioral Targeting

RTB: Real Time Bidding

hbb: Hybrid Broadcast Broadband

DVB: Digital Video Broadcasting

DAC: Digital-to-Analog Converter

DBS: Direct Broadcast Satellite

FPS: frames per second

iTV: Interactive Television

CDP: Content Delivery Platform

CMS: Content Management System

CDS: Content Delivery System

iOS: mobile & tablet devices of Mac

ROI: Return of Influence

LMS: Learning Management Systems

B2B: Business to Business sales

B2C: Business to Consumer sales

B2B2C: Business to Business to Consumer sales

CPE: Cost per Engagement (retweet, reply, click link, favorite, like)

EPG: Electronic Program Guide

iEPG: Intelligent Electronic Program Guide

NPT: Normal Play Time

DSL: Digital Subscriber Line

Telco: the access network that operates the delivery of data to provide services such as VOD, voice, high speed internet, IPTV: Internet Protocol Television

ACR: Automatic Content Recognition

Video & Audio Fingerprinting or Watermarking

OSI Model: Protocols within a layered system

OTT: Over the Top – applications

File Based Distribution

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